Nonprofit Leader 360

Are you a nonprofit leader? Then this leadership assessment tool is for you. Whether experienced or a beginner, it will guide you on your journey to achieving your highest potential.

Nonprofit Leader 360 is based on a leadership assessment questionnaire, tested on thousands of executives, authored by famed executive coach Marshall Goldsmith and published in his bestseller "What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful". We thank Marshall for granting us permission to use is, so it can benefit nonprofit leaders worldwide!

Key features of Nonprofit Leader 360:

  • Easy to set up, launch in five minutes.
  • Beautiful, intuitive report, see the essential at a glance.
  • Guaranteed anonymity encourages frank feedback.
  • Confidential: it is your report, you control who sees it.
  • Nonprofit-friendly pricing.
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Ideal for nonprofits, the Nonprofit Leader 360 survey contains 72 engaging questions covering these key competencies:

  • Being Ethical: Appreciating Diversity - Demonstrating Integrity
  • Leading People: Creating a Team Spirit - Building Useful Alliances - Sharing Leadership - Developing People
  • Getting Results: Creating a Vision, Strategy and Results - Leading Change - Anticipating Opportunities - Ensuring Quality and Performance - Developing Technological Savvy
  • Improving oneself: Achieving Personal Mastery - Listening and Feedback

What is a Leadership 360 Assessment?

It is a very effective form of leadership development, allowing leaders to evaluate their skills, effectiveness and influence by collecting insightful and frank feedback from colleagues: subordinates, supervisors and peers.

Gain crucial self-awareness

Successful leaders may they think they have all the qualities they need to continue succeeding, and feedback from a 360 helps them become aware flaws which stop them from going onto another level. Some inspirational articles:

Top executives need feedback—here’s how they can get it - By Robert S. Kaplan in McKinsey Quarterly

Top Ranked Leaders Know This Secret: Ask For Feedback - Joseph Folkman in Forbes

Grow a feedback culture

The success of a leadership 360 depends on whether colleagues feel able to speak frankly. This can be tricky! Some articles to help you create a feedback culture.

The Importance Of A “Feedback Culture” – And How You Can Build It In The Workplace - TruQu

How the Best Leaders Get Truly Honest Feedback From Employees - by Robert Glazer in Inc.

How to do your Nonprofit Leader 360 assessment:

  1. Find a trusted person to help you digest and apply the feedback: an executive coach, a mentor, a peer, or your director of human resources.

  2. Send the survey to 10-15 subordinates, supervisors and peers (minimum 5).

  3. Review the feedback with your coach and decide what to improve first.

  4. Thank all those who gave you the valuable feedback!

  5. Repeat on a yearly basis to measure and validate your progress!

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