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Improve your organization’s effectiveness, imagine the next strategy, evidence your impact, and grow your leadership.

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Key Features of All Tools

All our tools are purpose-designed, to provide power and ease-of-use you will simply never get from standard mass-market survey tools.

  • Based on mature, tested methodologies
  • Purpose-designed, dynamic, attractive reports
  • Easy to launch surveys and send reminders
  • Automated score calculations
  • Built-in confidentiality of responses

Nonprofit-friendly pricing:

  • We do not lock you into expensive subscriptions for a form you may only use occasionally.
  • ou only pay once per survey, and we store your data forever for free.

Get a clear and attractive report that is the perfect support for discussions on priorities and goals.

Easy to launch surveys and reminders

Purpose-designed attractive report

Built-in confidentiality of responses

Based on solid, tested, open source assessment methodologies.

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Nonprofit Leader 360

Are you a nonprofit leader? Then this leadership assessment tool, by famed executive coach Marshall Goldsmith, is for you. Whether experienced or a beginner, it will guide you on your journey to achieving your highest potential.

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Organization Mapping Tool (OMT)

Designed for nonprofits of all sizes and levels of capacity, this organization assessment survey will help you identify your organizational development needs, discuss them with your team, and set priorities and goals for improvement. (see questions).

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Coming Soon:

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Strategy Ideation 360: A tool to help you ideate on new strategy by accessing the collective wisdom of internal and external stakeholders: staff, board, peers, clients, experts, consultants, funders. Designed is to support divergent thinking, the foundation of creativity, it will enable users to develop clarity of focus, explore audacious goals, think beyond constraints, explore alternative endgames and business models.

Integrated Publishing

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What makes us special

Strong expertise in organizational development

Affordable, transparent, nonprofit-friendly prices

Strong security (externally audited)

No pressure to buy any consulting services

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